Q & A

Q. What is the expiration date of the miso paste?
- Once opened, we recommend keeping refrigerated for 6 months. If longer than 6 months, the color of the miso paste may change, but it has no effect on taste.
Q. Is the miso paste pasteurized?
- No, our miso is not pasteurized, it is a natural living food.
Q. What is the best way to preserve the miso paste? Can it be kept in the freezer?
- Yes, we suggest to keep the miso paste either in the refrigerator or in the freezer.
Q. How long is the fermentation of the SWISSMISO paste?
- White miso: 6 - 7 months
- Red miso: 10 months
 Q. What types of miso paste does SWISSMISO produce and sell?
- White miso
- Red miso
- Barley miso
 Q. What are the white dots on the surface of the miso paste?
- White dots may appear on the surface of miso paste due to oxidation and yeast growth. It is a common occurrence on fermented food. It is not toxic, but you may want to scrape it off before consuming.
Q. Why does the color of miso paste get darker?
- As time goes by, miso paste color becomes darker. Our miso paste is non-pasteurized, it keeps fermenting at room temperature. There is no effect on the quality of the miso paste.
Q. What is the expiration date of miso-truffe?
- We suggest consuming it within about 2 weeks, otherwise you can keep them in the freezer.
Q. Can the miso-truffe be sent by post?
- Currently, only PICKUP is available for miso-truffe. However, we are working on the packaging so that we can send by post.


Orders :
Q. I selected "PICKUP" although shipping fee has been added, why?
- If you choose to pickup your order and the shipping fee has been added to the order summary, please contact us at hello@jf4good.com. 
Shipping & Delivery:
Q. How long does it take for delivery from the time I place an order?
- Normally it takes about a week. However, it may take two weeks if there are many other orders in our system, or the fermentation of our miso paste needs more time, SWISSMISO is an artisanal producer, not an industrial mass production. We are currently limited in volume.
Q. What does the PICKUP point mean?
- When you place an order, you can choose to pickup at your nearest point. Please click here for PICKUP point locations.
Q. I received a confirmation email that my order is on the way, but I don't know when I can go pick it up.
- You can pick up your order at the PICKUP points from the day after you receive our confirmation email. 
Q. What are the opening hours of the Nyon shop?
- The shop is open from 11am - 6pm from Tuesday to Saturday. 
Q. When will “sold out” products be available for purchase again?
- It depends on the type of miso paste. Please email us at hello@jf4good.com, we will be happy to let you know. 
Q. I own a shop and would like to sell SWISSMISO products, is this possible?
- It would be a pleasure for us to work with you! Please contact us at hello@jf4good.com for more details.




updated April 2021