About MISO

Miso, a food frequently found in Asian cuisine, is consumed daily by the Japanese. It can be found in various forms (paste, sauce, seasoning, etc.), but the best known is miso soup.
But what is miso?  
"Miso is a Superfood!"
1. Fermented product
 Miso, Sake, Soy sauce = Products made with KOJI
 Wine, Beer, Whisky, Bread = Products made with YEAST
 Yogurt, Cheese, Vinegar, Kimchi = Products made with LACTOBACILLUS
Miso is obtained from soybeans, salt, water and mixed with a ferment ( Aspergillus oryzae ) called Koji in Japanese, then fermented for several months. Depending on the ingredients, the taste can be quite different, and the colour can vary between yellow and brownish.


2. A very healthy food
Miso contains a large number of probiotics which help digestion and are good for the gut health. It provides the body with many nutrients, vitamins and essential amino acids. It also contains many antioxidants such as zinc and manganese, and has very few calories.  
Rich in dietary fiber and in protein, miso brings a balanced nutrition for the body and strengthens the immune system






3.Gluten free 


Our main product, the"white miso", is made of rice Koji,soy and salt. 
Therefore, it contains no gluten


4. Koji

Koji is a ferment used in Japan which helps the fermentation process in order to make soy sauce and miso, as well as to saccharify rice. It is also used with other cereals as well as potato in order to make alcohol beverages such as sake.


For more information, see Aspergillus oryzae 




5.Plant based / Vegan