Our history
Yumiko, born in Brazil, and raised in Osaka. She grew up eating the fermented food her mother made at home.
Azusa grew up near Nagoya, where it is well known for the famous red miso.
Yuki was born in Hokkaido, where delicious miso ramen are a speciality.
These three, enthusiastic about making fermented foods met one day and decided to carry on this ancestral Japanese tradition beyond the borders of the land of the rising sun, Japan.

This is how SWISSMISO began.
Yumiko has always loved cooking since her childhood. After having worked in the fashion industry in New York, she moved to Switzerland. She started making miso while raising her children, and wished to refine her skills in order to make even better miso. One day, she met Azusa, who already had a concrete idea of creating a Japanese food catering company.

Azusa grew up in a family where red miso soup with rice was served at the breakfast table every morning. In Japan, her diet was always based on red miso, a speciality of Nagoya: Tonkatsu was always served with miso sauce, and the vegetables were also glazed with miso. She was teaching Japanese after moving to Switzerland, and then worked at a Japanese food company. She always seeked potential of expanding healthy Japanese cuisine overseas, while being inspired by the slow food movement.
One day, she discovered miso-dama (artisanal instant miso soup) which was starting to become popular in Japan and believed that this easy, healthy, and nutritious soup would be well accepted in Europe as well.
Right then she met Yumiko, who was already making miso. The two immediately bonded and decided to start a business making miso together.

Then Yuki came into the story. She had grown up on a farm in Hokkaido which was also involved in the production of miso. As a child, she would often eat miso-glazed cucumber treats. Before settling in Switzerland, she travelled around Europe and the United-States as a tour guide. She met Yumiko through Instagram where they shared cooking posts, and decided to make miso herself. Yuki was gravitated towards this Swiss made miso production of Azusa and Yumiko, and decided to join this project.

With the meeting of these three people who had walked different paths, SWISSMISO was born in January 2020.

We thoroughly enjoy making our miso with organic soy which was cultivated in a beautiful region of Switzerland. In Japanese, educating your children to eat food that is both healthy and tasty is called “shoku-iku”. We would like to convey “shoku-iku” not only to our own families, but also to all of Switzerland and Europe. This is the basis of what we hope to achieve through SWISSMISO.
It is a great challenge for us to produce miso with local products while preserving the environment in the Japanese traditional way. Our mission is to improve everyday meals using our knowledge to propose healthy, balanced and nutritious foods.

Explorer Yumiko

Flexible and charming artist,
always ready to explore and experience something new.

Entertainer Yuki

Spontaneous, energetic and enthusiastic,
with Yuki, we never get bored.

Inspirator Azusa

Enthusiastic, creative and sociable free spirit,
who can always find a reason to smile.

Advocate Theana

Quiet and mystical, yet very inspiring and tireless idealist!